Round 2 12WBT

Round 2 12WBT
Michelle Bridges 12 WBT Round 2 2nd Place Winner. Before (May 21st 2001 - 108.9kg) and After (August 10th 2011 - 86.5kg)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Round 2 12wbt - 2 Weeks In & How Are We Going?

Hi everyone!!! Well how have your first 2 weeks been going for this round of 12WBT?

I have been busy busy busy, with lots of gigs and trying to get in as much training as possible. I've done a few runs, and been seeing my trainer, Tennille, for my toning and muscle building sessions! I have been sore as - either in the legs or the arms - for most of the last 14 days!

Unfortunately though, sometimes the body just gives in, and for me, this has been the last few days. I woke on Sunday morning with a really sore throat, and by the time I got home Sunday afternoon, I was ready to park myself on the couch for the next few days - and that is what I did. I turned up to training this morning, hoping for some last chance training before weigh-in tomorrow, but was promptly sent out of the gym!! It is a new thing to get your head around, that you have gotten so used to actually getting up an exercising, that when you are virtually forced to sit on your butt and do nothing, you feel guilty about it! I couldn't resist some 'comfort food' while feeling unwell, so yesterday while keeping my fluids up with lots of water, my sore throat enjoyed some icy cold lemonade! I also enjoyed some yummy vegemite sandwiches made for me by the other half! Thank you!!! In between I had some healthy chicken & veg soup & lots of vitamin c filled mandarins & kiwi fruit! As I am so close to my goal weight, I will be ok if there isn't too much of a change this week on the scales, as I certainly have not been able to push it in my training.

How has your week been? Are you getting used to the changes in your nutrition and physical activity levels?


Friday, 1 June 2012

Round 2, 2012 - Are We Really Here Already???

Well hello hello!!!!

What a break from blogging it has been! I got to blogging my first 3 pre-season tasks from last round, and that was about it!! What a whirwind of a round, and how fast did Round 1 2012 go??!! I was happy to lose about another 4.5-5ish kilos, probably feel I could have gone harder, but happy to drop down another dress size or so, to an 8-10! The Melbourne workout and party was awesome and I need to do a post just about that, but for now, it's just time for another quick welcome.

Today is the 1st of June, and we are just 2 days away from Round 2, 2012 kicks off for week 1!! How exciting! This round I have LOTS of friends who have registered for their first round, and I cannot wait to see how they all go. Another friend, Emma, did really awesomely last round and made it into the top 20 transformations. Yay Emma!!!

One person I am most excited to see start, is my other half, Leonie. She has already dropped a few clothing sizes, just from the change in our diet at home, as she has mostly been eating 12wbt style for the last year too - however sweets are her downfall. I can see a few sugar withdrawals coming up in the next week or 2!! But her goal is for some rockin' abs, and you can follow her adventure at - Just this morning doing our fitness test, she smashed me by about 15 seconds on the 1km time trial!!

Anyway, the alarm goes off soon, tomorrow morning is the weekly 5km free Park Run event, and then a busy day at work, before my HUGE 30km Kokoda Challenge Hike on Sunday - what a way to start round 2, 2012!!! There will be much to tell you about over the next few days!

I've made promises before, but this time, I really hope to blog a few times a week as I so much want to share my adventures with you all. I am constantly thinking 'this would be great to share' etc, but never have found the time. I have ideas a plenty for lots of different things - just need to get the time to get them all out of my head and into the big scary land of internets!


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Round 1, 2012 12WBT Pre-Season Task 3 - My Goals!

Goals goals goals!! So what do I want to achieve this round??

I have been pondering this for a few days, as I have been unsure which program to follow this time round. I had been thinking I might like to try the Lean & Strong round, but have come to the conclusion that there is a bit of mid-section flabbiness that I would really like to work off first - you know the usual spots us ladies have trouble with, the tummy/hips/thigh region. Also, I have really only just started doing some running on a regular basis in the last month, I want to see how I go with that for a while longer, as I hope to increase my cardio fitness, reduce my run times, and get an improved, more efficient technique happening. So, it is Lean & Fit again for me, and I am going to push myself to the advanced level. I am not quite in the advanced level for my push ups etc, but the rest is fine.

So, my main goals for the next 3 months are as follows:

* Get to my goal weight, which I think will be somewhere around 62-65kg. 2 rounds ago I had the long term 'goal' of 70kg, thinking it would take years to get there. I am currently at 68kg, and although I would be happy to not lose any more from my face/neck/chest area, I know we can't be picky like that, so if I am aiming to reduce more tummy etc, I have to continue to work out as I have been.

* Continue with the weekly running events I do, in particular Park Run which is a free 5km run in New Farm every Sunday morning. I have only done this a few times, and my current best time is just over 38minutes. By the end of the next 12 weeks, I would like to have this time consistently under 35 minutes, and then begin to work towards 30mins.

Out of interest, Park Run is a free event done in many capital cities and towns over Australia. You get an official time at the end and can check your results on the website which are usually posted the same day! See

* Compete in another triathlon enticer event. I recently did my first one, which was great fun, and I would love to do some more!! I am aiming for the Gold Coast entiver in April, which is a larger distance on all 3 legs than the one I did last weekend at Caloundra!

                                             *Me approaching the finish line at Caloundra!*

Here is the link to the next enticer event:

* Start using the weights machines at the gym to get more toned and get some more definition happening - in particular in my arms.

What goals do you have set for yourself for this round? Looking back on my first round, I can tell I was nervous and unsure the I would succeed. I set good goals, but what I set were small goals. I suppose, so that I could be sure I would achieve them. I look forward to setting myself a big challenge now, as it gives me something to really work hard for over each 12 weeks. For me this round, running is definitely going to be that thing!! Who knows, I might become a regular Forest Gump and just keep on running!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Round 1, 2012 12WBT Pre-Season Task 2 - My Excuses!!

After 2 rounds of 12wbt and over 40kg lost, it is interesting to analyse the excuses that I still have going on inside my head. Basically, I still don't love exercise, and I would probably love a good sleep in from time to time rather than busting my butt at whatever training session I have on that day, HOWEVER I know that doing those things isn't going to get me any closer to my goals, and that is why I choose to get up early and eat clean. So basically, these excuses aren't there everyday, but I know that some of these babies might try and re-surface when I least expect it! These are the main ones I can think of for now, but should any new ones decide to reveal themselves over the next 12 weeks, I will certainly let you know!!

My Internal Excuses & Solutions:

* I'm so sore, I should just rest today
-  Have a hot bath after a big session, stretch and know that doing some more training will keep everything loosened up.

* I can't go at 100% right now, as I need to be able to finish the session
- Aim to get a bit faster or go a bit harder - lift a bit heavier - each session. That way I might not be going as fast/hard/strong as a champion athlete just yet, but I am building towards it. Also trust that I can complete the sessions, and if I really get stuck, I have my phone with me anyway!

* I couldn't be bothered with it, I'll just have takeaway
- Pre-plan meals and do big freezer cook-ups so I can have something ready to go at all times - very handy for if I am unexpectedly getting home late.

* I have worked out hard today so this one little snack won't matter  
- Remind myself of what it will take to burn off that one little treat, remind myself of how much I still dislike running and working out, that I will have to do even more in order to have not wasted my previous workout

* I have worked out hard today, so I can sleep in tomorrow and skip training
- Remind myself that in order to achieve my goals I still need to be working out hard every day. Skipping a day makes it harder to pick up the day after. Working out hard in Round 1 is what got me the results I wanted, so if I want to keep that up, I need to keep up the same level of frequency, intensity and momentum.

External Excuses Within My Control & Solutions:

* My feet hurt 
- Go to shoe store, and check that my current workout shoes are still in good condition and don't need replacing

* It's too hot/cold/rainy 
- Invest in a good sun protective cap and lots of sunscreen for outdoor training. I also have Michelle's dvds so I can still do an inside workout if the weather is too unbearable/miserable

* It's not my day with the car - I can't get to the gym as there is no bus that gets me there early enough for my class

- Walk to the gym, or do a different workout to normal - mixing it up keeps it interesting!!

External Excuses Outside Of My Control & Solutions:

* Car breaks down - can't get to gym
 - Use public transport, or walk

* Gym is closed for public holiday
- Do an outside training session or one of Michelle's dvd workouts

* Get held up at work - I'm going to miss a meal/have to have takeaway

- Have an excess supply of snacks and frozen meals at work. Also fammiliarise myself with some 'good' takeaway options if I am really desperate - eg a subway wrao or salad (no cheese or sauce of course, and something from their healthier range - ham, salad, or turkey)

Have you looked at what excuses might be holding you back from achieving your goals? What solutions can you come up with to combat those excuses??

Saturday, 28 January 2012

I'm Back - Round 1, 2012 12WBT Pre-Season Task 1

Introduce yourself!

Well for those of you just stumbling upon this blog, my name is Kate. I've completed 2 rounds of 12WBT & I am currently 38kgs lighter than I was at the end of May 2011. I am yet to do a 'wrap up' blog for 2011, which was a year that seriously changed my life. For good. Please stick around though, as I have lots in store for this round!!

For those who have read my previous ramblings, welcome back! I am signed up and ready to go for another round of and raring to go!!

To save repeating myself, here is my introduction video for this round! Enjoy!

Kate :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Biggest Loser Australia - the Singles Edition!

Episode 2 of The Biggest Loser done! Last night I cried my way through the whole episode. There is something about watching it, now that I have travelled (and still am travelling) the journey from obese down to a healthier version of what I was, that I can REALLY relate to. I really am FEELING the contestants this year.

I have heard many mixed views on the 'singles' version. Some love it, some absolutely hate it. It definitely has a lot of focus put on it. I know there are plenty of overweight people who are not shy retiring wall flowers hiding away at home. They are outgoing, loud and funny. They put up a front of confidence, but deep down would love to have someone to share their journey in life with. I know, because I was that person in the past. In face, my whole life I had been single, until the age of 29. I was an outgoing independant woman, seemingly full of life, but there were plenty of times I felt down about being on my own.

I was lucky that once I met someone, my partner loved me, even at the size I was. I was around 95kg at the time, and only got heavier.

Should she have encouraged me to lose weight? I don't know. The size of me didn't worry her, but should she have looked at it from the health perspective? Looking at photos now, she says she can't even remember me looking the size I was.

I do know though, that a lot of the things this year's contestants have revealed that they are feeling, I have felt before, both as a single person, and someone in a relationship. And I, for one, am going to love watching their transformations as first and foremost, they begin to love themselves.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's Been A While........Round 3 Week 6 Update!

Hi all,

Well I must firstly make a MASSIVE apology! After promoting this blog on various facebook posts and 12WBT forums, I have been massively MIA since the start of this round.

There is much to catch up on, including running (yes, I ran the whole way) the 10km Bridge To Brisbane fun run, starting Sunday morning group training sessions - and a double every fortnight!!, trying to overcome many extra work hours that severely cut into my training times, and finishing organising my wedding, which is coming up in 3 weeks!!! Eeeeeek! It has been a very busy time indeed, adn sometimes I have felt I wasn't giving the commitment I promised to 12WBT.

In spite of it all though, I have kept my nutrition clean and trained as often as I could, but I have missed some of Mish's videos, & had NO time at all for this blog, or the forums. In fact, right now, I am in between getting the groceries out of the car, and putting out a load of washing that has just finished!!

I just want to let anyone who might be reading this blog know, that I am still here, and am now down to a loss of 33.4kg since the start of Round 2. I am at about an 8kg loss so far for this round, which is a slower pace than last round, but I suppose I don't have as much to lose this time round, so the numbers won't be as large!! I currently sit at 75.5kg, and my 'goal' that I had in mind was 70kg, so not far to go now.

Anyway, I will hopefully be back over the next few weeks more frequently to update you on more of what has been happening over the last 6 weeks, and to share some goals etc for the remaining 6 weeks! the the groceries and washing...........